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How Small Business Loans Can Help Your Business

Small business loans give you the financial agility to help cover daily operating expenses or plan for future growth. Whatever the reason, CandleWood Capital can help you select the best funding option for your business.


Cover Day to Day Expenses


Business Operations


Having sufficient cash flow is essential for your business’s daily operation. A short-term, small business loan can inject cash into your business to finance your daily expenses.


Employee Payroll


If business cash flow is tight, you want to minimize the effect it has on your staff. Use payroll loans as a form of gap financing to avoid any delays in paying your employees.

Inventory Financing


Your ability to meet customer inventory demands directly impacts your bottom line. Using business financing to buy inventory is particularly critical for product wholesalers and retailers.


Strategic Investments


Business Expansion


A spike in sales, entering a new market, or a business acquisition requires capital to finance your expansion plans. Securing funding lets you take advantage of growth opportunities in real time.


Equipment Financing


Businesses that rely on equipment to operate, know the importance of upgrading or replacing these items when needed. Having the cash to buy new equipment is vital to your success.


Renovation Financing


Giving your business’s physical space a facelift can add real value and drive traffic. With renovation financing, you get the funds to make improvements without impacting day-to-day cash flow.

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